Sho Sakurai To Cover 2012 London Olympics for NTV

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Sho Sakurai To Cover 2012 London Olympics for NTV
It has been decided that Arashi's Sho Sakurai will be NTV's main newscaster for its coverage of the 2012 London Olympics. This is Sakurai's third time to be appointed as the official newscaster, the first time was in Beijing (2008) and in Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010).

Sakurai started his career as a newscaster for NEWS ZERO last 2006. He is expected to start reporting from the opening on July 27th until it's conclusion on Aug 12th, which he will be expected to report live from London. Sakurai was mainly chosen because he has built a certain camaraderie with other Olympic athletes, such as: such as Kosuke Kitajima (swimming), Ai Fukuhara (table tennis) , and Kyoko Hamaguchi (wrestling). Moreover, Olympic producer Masanori Matsuhara said that, "Sakurai studies documents beforehand, he reports about athletes with respect, and he conveys those reports to the audience in the simplest terms that could be understood."

Sakurai related that he experienced "goosebumps" when he first reported on Beijing Olympics in 2006. "London Olympics would be fiercer, there are lot of athletes in my generation. With this, I really feel honored and I hope that I will be able to convey the athletes' voices to the audience," Sakurai commented after he was chosen.
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