Jay Chou And Hannah Quinlivan To Get Married In Guam?

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Jay Chou And Hannah Quinlivan To Get Married In Guam?
Jay Chou has been rumored to be dating Hannah Quinlivan since last year. It is rumored that the two will be getting married in a month in Guam.

According to a source close to Jay's mom, the two are expected to travel to Guam for a secret wedding. Hannah is said to be close to his mother, an important quality for the singer when looking for a wife. Jay has also gone on record to say that he wants to be married by 35, making a marriage at 33 years old a likely scenario.

Another source has claimed that Jay won't be getting married to Hannah in Guam, but rather wants to propose to her instead.

Jay has denied these rumors, describing them as groundless. Jay's manager explained that there is no room in the singer's schedule for a trip to Guam because he will be busy filming the sequel to his movie "Secret" that month.
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