Kanjani8's Reveals Tracklists for "Ai Deshita" Single

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Kanjani8's Reveals Tracklists for
Kanjani8 revealed tracklist for their upcoming single, "Ai Deshita". "Ai Deshita" is currently used as the theme for Ryo Nishikido's drama, "Papadoru!". The said single will be sold in limited and regular edition.

Here's the tracklist:

[Limited Edition]

01. Ai Deshita
02. Midare Sake Romance

[DVD] Ai Deshita PV and the making of the PV

[Regular Edition]

01. Ai Deshita
02. Midare Sake Romance
03. Merry Go Round
04. Rurarira
05. Ai Deshita (Original Karaoke)
06. Midare Sake Romance (Original Karaoke)
07. Merry Go Round (Original Karaoke)
08. Rurarira (Original Karaoke)

Each editions comes with a numbered ticket, when combined, the buyer will have a "secret prize" that will be revealed when the next single comes out.

"Ai Deshita" will be released on June 13th.
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