Taetiseo Talks About The Advtanges Of Promoting As A Subunit

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Taetiseo Talks About The Advtanges Of Promoting As A Subunit
This past week, Girls' Generation's first subunit Taetiseo has been busy promoting their new song "TWINKLE" on various music programs. In between performances, the girls sat down for an interview.

According to the group, there are some advantages to promoting as a group.

"When promoting with all 9 members, each member is assigned to a certain style. Because of this, throughout the promotion, we have to display the same style. However, performing with 3 members, we are able to select from a wider variety. I think we will be able to show more variety of styles than we were able to as Girls' Generation," Tiffany stated.

"As Girls' Generation, the group choreography was the important element, but with 3 members, the stage focuses more on vocals than choreography. I think this is the point that changed the most," Taeyeon added.

Taetiseo also revealed that forming a subunit has actually strength the bonds between the members of Girls' Generation. While its difficult to see each other all the time with their packed individual schedules, the members always keep in touch with their smartphones.

"I'm embarrassed to say this, but these days, us members say that we miss each other a lot. Since middle school-high school, we haven’t taken many pictures together, but now when we meet, we always take pictures together," Taeyeon stated.

"I'm really thankful that the members sincerely cheer us on. I watched the music video with the other members and they enviously wondered if the agency invested more into this video than for Girls’ Generation, causing much laughter. I think we grew fonder with one another," Tiffany said.
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