CRUSH! Announces Third Visual Kei Cover Album

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CRUSH! Announces Third Visual Kei Cover Album
After releasing a compilation in January 2011 and another one in November 2011 that sold more than 80.000 copies “CRUSH! -90’s V-Rock best hit cover songs-“ will now release a third compilation album!

『CRUSH!3-90’s V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs-』 is set to be released on June 27th and costs 3150 Yen. The album contains 14 songs and one of them is a cover made by CRASH49. It's a session band consisting of vocalist Mitsu (ν[NEU]), guitarist YOSHIHIRO (guild), guitarist Aki (OZ), bassist Karin (NoGoD) and drummer HIROKI (D).

And here is the full setlist:
- ALSDEAD – Illusion City (original: SEX MACHINEGUNS)
- Inugami Circus-dan – Rusty Nail (original: X JAPAN)
- Uchuu Sentai NOIZ – KISS ME (original: Himuro Kyousuke)
- Kameleo – zurii onna (original: Sharam Q)
- Kaya – yurenagara (original: Laputa)
- CRASH49 – kanojo no Modern… (original: GLAY)
- SARSHI – VENUS (original: Chisato))
- Scarlett – HURRY GO ROUND (original: hide with Spread Beaver)
- DIV – WHITE BREATH (original: T.M.Revolution)
- defspiral – ROSIER (original: LUNA SEA)
- Makoto – Eternal Flame (original: SOPHIA)
- MEJIBRAY – Cage (original: DIR EN GREY)
- Lin – Insomnia (original: ROUAGE)

Are there any covers you’re interested in?
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