AKB48 Candy Ad Criticized for Encouraging Homosexuality

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AKB48 Candy Ad Criticized for Encouraging Homosexuality
Popular girl group, AKB48, have been heavily criticized by Tokyo's Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization after the said organization received numerous complaints regarding the girls' "Pucho" CM.

In the said CM, which aired last March, AKB48's members seductively exchanged candies using their mouth. A broadcasting watchdog received about 116 complaints, like:
- The CM might encourage homosexuality.
- The kids might imitate it.
- It is very distasteful.
- Please stop these commercials which are lacking in quality. Relaying food mouth-to-mouth is unsanitary and gross.

However, a spokesperson from UHA Mikakuto Co, the maker of Pucho candies, defended that the reactions they received were mixed. Though others may have found the CM distasteful, others actually enjoyed the CM. The spokesperson also added that the "Pucho CM" has been ranked the fourth Most Popular Commercial at the time that time it aired.

How about you, what can you say about the girls' CM?
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