Kuroki Meisa Announces Pregnancy

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Kuroki Meisa Announces Pregnancy
Actress Kuroki Meisa (23), who was rumored to be pregnant when she married singer Akanishi Jin (27) back in February, has officially confirmed that she is 4 months pregnant!

Kuroki stated in a message to media outlets: “After I became pregnant, I was frequently in bad health. It was my first time experiencing this, so I was a little uneasy.” She explains doctors advised her to wait until her body became more stable to announce the pregnancy .

Kuroki happily continued, “Right now, I feel both mentally and physically better. I’m happy and filled with a sense of responsibility for this new life I’ve been blessed with.” Although the actress isn’t due until mid-October, she assured everyone, ”[Jin and I] want to join our powers as husband and wife to put all our love into raising this child.

According to her agency, Kuroki will star in the play, ‘Miyazawa Kenji ga Tsutaeru Koto‘, on May 12th and 13th at Setagaya Public Theater, and will go on maternity leave afterwards. The actress plans to return to work sometime after childbirth.


JpopAsia congratulates Akanishi Jin and Kuroki Meisa!
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