Acid Black Cherry's #1 Album Spreads Sales in Asia

1decennia ago   ·   Thursday 12 Apr, 2012 - 05:14pm UTC   ·   HikaruMeitantei   ·   1 upvote   ·   0 comments   ·   2,380 views
Acid Black Cherry's #1 Album Spreads Sales in Asia
It has been announced that rock band Janne Da Arc's Vocalist yasu's solo project Acid Black Cherry's 3rd album "2012" (released on 3/21) will be sold all throughout Asia.

yasu will now have his 13th album which has topped the Oricon Weekly Charts at #1 its first week. Acid Black Cherry has been trying to expand its popularity and will make that first step as they will start to sell their new album. In Taiwan and Hong Kong the album will be released tomorrow the 13th while Korea the album will be released on the 19th.

Nation wide, it has been about 2 years since a tour which will start on May 1st. Regular tickets are already being sold from the 7th of this month and tickets for the July arena performance will be sold on the 21st.
Source: jpopasia.com
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