ORANGE RANGE Runs Through Their 10th Anniversary

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ORANGE RANGE Runs Through Their 10th Anniversary
Since the release of their first CD "Orange Ball" in February of 2002, ORANGE RANGE are smoothly sailing past their 10th year anniversary. This year in January, they created their own label 「SUPER((ECHO)) LABEL」as well as partnered with Victor Entertainment/Speed Star Records. Since this time Range has announced that in "2012, every month the 10th will be a ORANGE RANGE day." To show for that they released their 10th anniversary song on February 10th for free and have continually on the 10th announced important information. With the excitement of accomplishing 10 years, their new album 『NEO POPSTANDARD』will be released on April 18th.

This album will be their first work where all the songs have an electric feel to them. Including their free distributed song 「Anniversary Song~10th~」, the album will also include their lead track 「Hello Sunshine Hello Future」which has its music video posted up on YouTube making the album include a total of 13 songs. On May 10th, they will start their nation wide tour at the Kanagawa Ebina Cultural Center. It will be interesting to see how much more this group can evolve.

Check out their music from their new album Bellow:
[ytid=pqpXx-6AdsU][yttitle]ORANGE RANGE / Hello Sunshine Hello Future[/yttitle][ytcontent]ORANGE RANGE new album 「NEO POP STANDARD」 2012.04.18 release!!http://orangerange10th.net./「NEO POP STANDARD」よりリードトラック「Hello Sunshine Hello Fut...[/ytcontent]
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