Open World Ent.'s CEO Arrested for Sexually Harassing His Artists

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Open World Ent.'s CEO Arrested for Sexually Harassing His Artists
Open World Entertainment's CEO, Jang Suk Woo, was arrested on charges of sexually harassing, assaulting and raping artists and trainees under his label.

About a month ago, investigations against Jang Suk Woo started. Twenty victims and various witnesses, including The Boss and their labelmates, were interviewed before enough evidence on this charge was gathered and undercover investigations began.

On 10th April, following Jang Suk Woo's return from Japan, the investigators arrested him and went to the company building for a search. All CCTV footage found in the building were confiscated.

"We've been receiving countless reports that the CEO was using his higher position to regularly sexually harass and assault his trainees. Over 30 victims are involved in the case", a police officer stated. Jang Suk Woo himself is denying the accusations.
Meanwhile, the official website of Open World Entertainment has been blocked in response to this issue.

Open World Entertainment is the agency of artists such as The Boss, X-5, Jun Jin, Go Joo Won, Shin Ji Soo and various girl group trainees.
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