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很安靜 Hen An Jing Lyrics
BY  Fahrenheit
ALBUM  Super Hot

Added by: SmileHime

才能證明 最親密的關係
縈繞著天空 什麼也沒講

我在你身邊 呼吸都沉默

這世界太熱鬧 怎麼傾聽
這世界再熱鬧 還好我們剛好在這裡

love you love you

風雨相逢著 還沒有邀請

每一個路口 你不用開口

這世界太熱鬧 怎麼傾聽
這世界再熱鬧 還好我們剛好在這裡

所有感受不用形容 已經那麼懂

這世界再熱鬧 也沒關係
這世界再熱鬧 我們一起在彼此心里
所以很安靜 所以很安靜


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Added by: m0m0kit

yao shuo de duo dong ting

cai neng zheng ming zui qin mi de guan xi

ying rao zhe tian kong shen me ye mei jiang

yi shi zui mei hao de yue ding

yao shuo de duo hua li

cai neng shuo chu zui mo qi de mo qi

wo zai ni shen bian hu xi dou chen mo

ni que dong wo mei ge qing xu

zhe shi jie tai re nao zen me qing ting

yi ke xin hu huan ling yi ke de sheng yin

zhe shi jie zai re nao huan hao wo men gang hao zai zhe li

gang hao hen an jing

love you love you

yao shuo de duo ken ding

cai neng ken ding liang ge ren de xin qing

feng yu xiang feng zhe huan mei you yao qing

yi jing yi qi yu kuai luu xing

yao shuo de duo yong li

cai neng liu xia zui jian ding de que ding

mei yi ge lu kou ni bu yong kai kou

wo yi jing zhong he ni jiao yin

[Repeat *]

suo you gan shou bu yong xing rong yi jing na me dong

suo you de gan dong shi an jing de xin dong

zhe shi jie zai re nao ye mei guan xi

mei yi ge yan shen wo men jiu neng gan ying

zhe shi jie zai re nao wo men yi qi zai bi ci xin li

suo yi hen an jing suo yi hen an jing


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Added by: m0m0kit

How much can I make it interesting to sound

So I can prove, the most intimate relationship

Surrounding the sky, nothing to say

Already the most beautiful promise

How much extravagent I need to say

So I tell who's with the best chemistry

I'm next to you, breathing silently

But you understand my every emotion

This world is too lively, how can it listen

The voice of hearts calling hearts

Even the world is that lively, good that we're just over here

Very quiet

love you love you

How sure do I need to say

So to be sure of the two's emotions

Still no invitation, for meeting in the winds and rains

But already traveling happily together

How much do I need to stress

To leave the strongest confirmation

Every block, you don't need to say

I already follow your steps

[Repeat *]

No need to describe all emotions, because we already understand

All touching emotions are quiet heartbeats

Even this world is this lively, no problem

We can sense every eye expression

Even this world is this lively, we're in our hearts

So it's very peaceful, very peaceful

Credits: KAY @

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