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Amber Lyrics
BY  Dir en Grey
ALBUM  Vulgar

Added by: yosh46


もっと君と居たいけど もっと傍に居たいけど


We're in hell under control of him

終わりを告げる ライトは消えて舞台は闇

もっと声を聞かせてよ もっとここに居たいけど



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Added by: yosh46

koharubiyori no kaze wa myakuutsu hizunda oto de
kuzureta risou kowareta mirai ore ni wa mou…

motto kimi to itai kedo motto soba ni itai kedo
egao ni hisomu yowaki namida kore ijou wa kakusenai yo

kohakuiro shita suunen no yume shuuen no saki soko ni hontou no ore ga iru?
taeru koto nara shinu hodo shitasa te mo sashinobeta keredo ikitsuita ore wa ima

We're in hell under control of him

owari wo tsugeru RAITO wa kiete butai wa yami

motto koe wo kikasete yo motto koko ni itai kedo
sayonara kokoro kara aishita namae mo wakaranai kimi yo

kohakuiro shita yakusoku no chi de koharubiyori no kaze wo sei ni ukete omoidashi
namida wa nagare chi to mazari ai kohakuiro shita atarashii yume ga “kokoro” ni aru

koe ga kareru made saigo no…
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Added by: yosh46

The warm autumn breeze pulses like a vein, pounds like a heart.
The crooked sound, distorted and bent dies along with my ideal dream.
For my future self is...well...
More and more, I wanted to be with you more and more.
More and more, i wanted to stay with you more and more.
Lying beneath every one of smiles are weak and fragile tears
I cannot hide them anymore.

When the amber-coloured dream, after all these long years, finally meets its end.
What will become of the real me that exists there?
These things I have endured pushed me to the limit where death became a desire.
I even held out my hands but now I've arrived here.

We're in hell under control of him

The end is marked by a light that has vanished,
by a stage that is dark.
Louder and louder - I want hear your voice louder and louder.
Even though there's so much hurt there.
Farewell from my heart, with love
to you whose name like a knot, I cannot unravel.
In the amber-coloured promised land
from the warm autumn breeze I receive memories.
Tears mix together with the flowing blood.
A new amber-coloured dream is here "in my heart".

Until my voice withers, until the very end of...
Until my voice withers, I will love.


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