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Closer to ideal Lyrics
BY  D'espairs Ray
ALBUM  Immortal

Added by: ILikeMangoes

Closer to ideal

[myself under control] 吐き出された溜め息と”さよなら”
感覚 鈍った暑い夜に

Wake up
くだらない事ばかり溢れて 目を塞いだ

[I’d sell my soul]
[heart like a hole]
儚く散りゆく 為に深く刻む

[此処は腐った楽園 矛盾だらけの青い空の下
『墜落』を愛す 爛れたすべてが突き刺さる
フィルター越しで見る世界 そこも破滅 3...2...1]

無邪気な君達は今誰の為綺麗な心を塞いだか 分からない

Wake up
[scene]ただ1つだけ手にするまでは 伝えたい

[I’d sell my soul]
[heart like a hole]
感覚を失うまで 先導け 深く

あの宙を眺めても見えない...輝き 忘れた
眠れる月と今 目覚める だから...

腐敗の青い炎 影を抉り 幻想の世界を描く
ゆがんだ世界に広がる 憂い 孤独を飲み込め

[I’d sell my soul]
[heart like a hole]
硝子の夢を胸に抱き 壊れるまで...


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Added by: ILikeMangoes

[Myself Under Control] hakida sareta tamei kitto "sayonara"
kankaku ni butta atsui youni

Wake Up
Kudaranai koto bakari afurete me wo fusaida
[I'd Sell My Soul]
moeagaru kizuou tamashii
[Heart Like a Hole]
ushinau mono wa naisa
hakanaku chiri yuku tameni fukaku kizamu

Mujakina kimitachi wa ima dare no tame kireina
kokoro wo fusaidaka wakaranai

Wake Up
[Scene] tada hitotsu tsudake surumade wa tsutaetai
[I'd Sell My Soul]
yuragidasu kizuou tamashii
[Heart Like a Hole]
osoreru koto wa naisa
kankaku wo ushinau made sendou ke fukaku

Ano chuu wo nagametemo mienai... kagayaki wasureta
nemureru tsukito ima me sameru dakara...

Fuhaino aoi honoo kage wo eguri gensou no sekai wo egaku
yunganda sekai ni hirogaru urei kodoku wo nomi kome

[I'd Sell My Soul]
hakanaku chiri gyouku subete e
[Heart Like a Hole]
Ima koko de owarenaisa
nemurenai yoru wo koete
kagayaku basho e
garasuno yume wo mune ni daki kowarerumade...


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Added by: ILikeMangoes

[Myself under control] A sigh that i vomited out and a 'goodbye'
My senses are dulled on this hot night

Wake up
nothing but worthless stuff, overflowing, plugging up my eyes
[I'd sell my soul]
my soul bears a wound that bursts into flames
[heart like a hole]
I don't have that which I've lost
for its ephemeral, scattered sake, I carve deeply

[here is a paradise rotted, everything under the blue sky is full of contradictions
you love 'depravity', I lance everything that was festering
I cross the filter to see the world, but even there it's all ruin 3...2...1

For whose sake have all you innocents plugged up your beautiful hearts now?
I don't know

Wake up
[scene] until just one lone hand wants to tell
[I'll sell my soul]
My soul bears a wound that trembles
[heart like hole]
there's nothing to fear
until my senses are lost, guide me, deeply

even if I gaze at that sky, I can't see...I've forgotten that brilliance
the moon sleeps and now, I wake up so that...

I gouge at the shadow from a blue fire of depravity, tracing a delusion's world
A twisted world unfolds, alone I swallow its sorrow

[I'd sell my soul]
to everthing ephemeral and scattered
[heart like a hole]
now, it doesn't end here
this sleepless night advances
to a brilliant place
I embrace a glass dream to my breast, until it breaks...


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