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Tainted World Lyrics
BY  D'espairs Ray
ALBUM  Coll: set

Added by: ILikeMangoes

何もかも統べて  嘲笑う偽善者は
溺れた欲望  振り翳す

偽りの涙と  見せかけで  罪を重ねていく
「Is not it a mistake?」  (それは間違い?)

誰もが欲に委ね  血を汚して  運命よ...この世界を狩るのか?

生きながら絶えず  希望さえ奪われる
目隠しの真実  誤魔化され

lies...  (嘘...)
壊して  繋いで  重ねて  翳され
right...  (正しい...)
迷いは  黙らせて
「I change the world.」  (私は世界を変える)

全てを今光に変えてみせる 信じた明日を空に掲げ
導け刺の渦よ  険しき程  確かな答えは其処に広がる



掴んで  壊して  構わず  沈めて

新たな世界は今幕を上げた  迷いは全て捨ててその先へ
手にした翼広げ壁を越えて  確かな答えを響かせ

The times is over now...  (時は今終わり)
I draw a new scene  (私は新しい場面を描く)


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Added by: ILikeMangoes

nanimokamo wo subete azawarau gizensha wa
oboreta yokubou ukake furikazasu

itsuwari no namida to sono misekake
de tsumi to kasaneteiku
"Is not it a mistake?"

daremo ga yoku ni yudane chi wo kegashite sadame1 yo.... kono sekai wo karu no ka?

ikinagara taezu kibou sae ubawareru
mekakushi no REAL2 gomakasare

kirei koto wa iranai sou awaremi mo
uwabe dake no koe ni iradachi oboe

kowashite tsunaide kasanete kazasare
mayoi wa damarasete
"I change the world."

subete wo ima hikari ni kaete miseru shinjita asu wo sora ni sou kakage
michibike toge no uzu yo kewashiki hodo
tashika na kotae wa soko ni hirogaru

"ibara no naka miezu ni ita shinjitsu sono te de tsukamitore"

wazuka na kibou demo sono kagayaki wo
kawarubeki sekai to sono chi e kizame

tsukande kowashite kamawazu shizumete
madoi wa damarasete
"I save you now."

arata na [negai ga] sekai wa maku wo ageta
mayoi wa subete sutete sono saki e
te ni shita tsubasa hiroge kabe wo koete
tashika na kotae wo hibikase

The times is over now...
I draw a new scene...


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Added by: ILikeMangoes

Controlling everything, the ridiculing hypocrites
Brandish their drowning lust

Feigning tears of deception, their sins are piling up
"Is not it a mistake?"

Everyone devoted to greed, blood dirtied, that's destiny... are you hunting for this world?

Living without cease, stealing even hope away
The reality of a blindfold deceives

Beautiful things are not needed, even compassion is only the voice of appearances memory of irritation

Break down, tie together, pile up, held overhead
Indecision made silent
"I change the world."

Show how everything can now be changed by light, hoist into the sky the tomorrow in which I trust
A vortex of guiding thorns, impregnable, I'm sure that the answers are spread out in that place

"without seeing into the midst of the briers, I grabbed as much of the truth there in my hand"

Even though it's a mere hope, it should have changed the truth, carved into the world and this blood

Grasp on, break down, don't care, sink in
Delusion made silent
"I save you now."

The curtain lifted now on a new world, leaving behind all indecision
Wings spread under my hand, cross the wall, I'm sure the answers will echo there

The times is over now...
I draw a new scene...


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