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GRACE Lyrics
BY  Deathgaze

Added by: Roppongi

ねぇ どうして人は いつか 消えてしまうの
ねぇ 哀しみのない 場所は どこにもないの

誰が望み 産まれ 空へ還るまでに 何を 失う

今 瞳を閉じて せめて 祈りを込めて

誰の為に 涙 流れ
心の底へ 何を 濡らす
それでもいつか 全て 溶けて
綺麗なままで 何を 忘れる

ねぇ 聞いて

この世界が 夢を奪い 色褪せても

どうかせめて 笑っていて この想いが 届くまで

輝きさえ 枯れ果てても あなたがいる それが全て

どうか 生きて

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Added by: kekekuku

Nee doushite hito wa itsuka kiete shimau no
Nee kanashimi no nai basho wa doko ni mo nai no

Dare ga nozomi umare sora e kaeru made ni nani wo ushinau

Ima hitomi wo tojite sotto inori wo komete

Dare no tame ni namida nagare
Kokoro no soko e nani wo nurasu
Sore demo itsuka subete tokete
Kirei na mama de nani wo wasureru

Nee kiite

Kono sekai ga yume wo ubai iro asetemo

Douka semete waratteite kono omoi ga todoku made

Kagayaki sae karehatetemo anata ga iru sore ga subete

Douka ikite


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Added by: Roppongi

Hey why do people disappear one day?
Hey is there any place that isn't filled with grief?

Before the hopes born from someone can reach the sky, what is lost?

Now please softly close your eyes, and my prayers will be with you

When the tears shed for someone
flow into your heart, what is soaked?
And, if everything remains beautiful
before it dissolves away one day, what is forgotten?

Hey listen

Even if this world steals your dreams or makes them fade

at the very least, please smile until these feelings reach you

Even if the light is extinguished, your being here is my everything

Please live

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