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Kirakira (キラキラ) Lyrics
ALBUM  HYPER GIRL - Muko Gawa no Onna no Ko -

Added by: Bellmaker

五年前願い事 誇大妄想
今である価値 ひしひしと感じ
リアルわかちあう 違う
ぐるぐる迷路迷う 線を辿る生命線ガタンゴトン
儚い未来長生きはしたい 期待 したって仕方がないって
やりたいことばかり 欲にまみれて
朝方やってきた太陽 向かい合う
寒い、息を吐く サドルにまたがリペダルをこぐ高架線の下
常時同じ目線で見ていたい 昔より今 今より未来

おとなになったら おとなになったら
おとなになっても おとなになっても

席替えしたくないなとかそんなこと 鐘が伝える
休み時間 お金使える公売れっつご
友達と談笑 干渉されたくないお年ごろ
スカート2回折 若干短め
先生のチェック しかめっ面 にげろにげろ
せっかくなら女子力あげたい 5,6時間目国、
数の後HR そのまた後に教室掃除
「もーちゃんとしなさい!!笑」いつもの風景 平和な日常
放課後 女子トーク どうなの最近 ないしょのおはなし

おとなになったら おとなになったら
おとなになっても おとなになっても

夕焼け色の校舎 ふざけながら
おはなしのおさらい あ、そろそろだ
そこの道のかど 分かれ道 そうそうマガレ右
振り返って笑顔でバイバイ 右手をプンプン「また明日!」
だけどもだけど暗んだ場所うろちょろ より 黒白明確にしとこう 不安のうらがわ どきどきわくわく楽しみな自分がいて
ほんとはどっち こんどはどっちにススメばいいの
目がキラキラ輝いてる でも実はチラチラ顔色伺ってるかもよ

おとなになったら おとなになったら
おとなになっても おとなになっても

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Added by: Bellmaker

10 years later, 20 years later, the associated future
A wish from 5 years ago, megalomania
It's value today, feeling it acutely, let's share reality,
Wrong, that's not it, did someone win? I don't understand that
Round and round lost in a maze, lifeline following a line, gachunk gachunk
What is 20 year old me even doing with her life?
Is she breathing I wonder?
I want a long life into the fleeting future. I can't help but hope.
Can I hope that instead of think it? I want greediness.
Only what I want to do, covered in greed
The sun arriving with the morning, is opposite me
Subliminal from this moment
Cold, I take a breath, pedaling the reverb-pedal and the bike seat under the railway
Please, please, I stretch so far. As if they don't notice me.
I always want to see from the same point of view, now more than before. In the future more than now.

When I grow up, when I grow up,
Will my value not stay the same?
Even when I grow up, when I grow up,
I want to sing my own songs.

Middle of class, today a bit melancholy
Thinking about silly things in a narrow classroom
Like how I don't want to move seats. The bell rings.
Break time. A sale where we can spend money, let's go.
Chatting with friends, don't want age to interfere
Skirt folded twice, kind of short,
My teacher checks and frowns. Run away run away.
I want to use my hard-earned fashion sense. 5-6 hours on my eyes
Back to Homeroom. Then back to classroom.
Dropped item "Whose is it? I'll throw it out..."
Flustered owner appears "It's mine"
"Be more careful, haha". The usual scene. Peaceful routine.
After school, girl talk. What's happened lately, secret talks.
Speaking too frankly, joking too frankly, is how we like it
That's how the seasons go.

When I grow up, when I grow up,
Even when I grow up, when I grow up,

Don't keep doing whatever you like!
Scary teacher's patrolling
Taking your purse. Give it back, give it back
School the color of sunset, while we're playing
"Hey hey, don't step on my heels!" Fixing my loafers and putting on Socktouch right away
Rehearsed conversation, ah, it's time to go.
The sidewalk, a crossroads, I have to turn right.
Turn around and smile "Bye bye"
Waving my right hand, "See ya tomorrow"
Full of future's anxiety
But but wandering around this dazzling place, instead, putting things in black and white
The other side of anxiety, pounding heart, getting excited, there's me anticipating
Which is it really, this time can you recommend one to me?
But my eyes sparkle kirakira, and really I might be asking with a shimmering complexion
A journey of deep breaths, drawing close to an answer

When I grow up, when I grow up,
Will my value not stay the same?
Even when I grow up, when I grow up,
I want to sing my own songs.

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