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Die Letzte Nacht Lyrics
ALBUM  Schwarzschild

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Added by: izunauchihafrm

Several Decades have passed after that Day
The time of accomplishing resurrection came just now

Am I sleeping?
Am I awake? God...

I'm the king of the vampire that was born from the Darkness

The eyes and a lip seem to be roses and the skin looks white like snow
I'm not allowed to Die, and continued sleeping for a long time
I have to Do the last Duty as a king of the vampire

I Decided to remove the roots of vampire's blood this evening

I'm nothingness
This feeling will not be fulfilled eternally

Do you hate me?
You will surely hate me.
But I hate myself more than whom
I want to apologize to God and them from the bottom of my heart.

I will welcome the night of our last
The Sun sinks and night of the Darkness begins to spread the world
I will Disappear having held recollections with her in a breast.

She made me remember the importance of love
However, nobody can change this fact

I'm the king of the vampire that was born from the Darkness

Am I still alive?
Am I already Dead? God....

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