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Canon Del Colca Lyrics
ALBUM  Neo Culture ~Beyond the world~

Added by: Evhw

神の息を 受け 万物は生まれ
今日もまた一つ たび立つ古

伴侶亡き今 何処へ行こうか  

共に生き 望む空の姿は孤高を持 して 青く遠く

記憶に接がれし魂の声 谺してやがては消え
私は誇れるはばを 広げ深い谷へ落ちて いく


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Added by: Evhw

Kami no iki wo uke bonbutsu umare
kyo mo mata hitotsu tabidatsu inishie

Hanryo naki ima doko e yukou ka

Tomo ni iki nozomu sora no sugata wa kokou wo jishite aoku tooku
Araburu chikara ga mi wo kudakou tomo kokoro made wa ubaemai

Kioku ni tsugarashi tamashii no koe kodama shite yagate wa kie
Watashi wa koboreru hane o hiroge fukai ya e otochiteiku

It wrote that "Romanized lyric not long enough", but the song itself is really this short. So I am trying to prolong it a bit here by my mean less blabbling :D I am sorry :)


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Added by: Evhw

By receiving the breath of God, in all the creations will be given birth
Today, we are the first day. At the beginning of a journey in the Antique

My companion having died, towards what place could he go?

Together and alive, the aspect of the sky, at which we look, holds the isolation. Blue and remote.
With strength of habituation, it took my body, and broke me the heart

The voice of the soul connected to the memory will disappear
Spreading proudly my wings, I fall in the deep valley


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