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Ever after Lyrics
ALBUM  The name of the ROSE

Added by: JustIronic






手を伸ばせば届きそうな答えまでは あと少し


遠く離れていても心は一つで 俯いている君に
大切なものはすぐ側にあるから 夢の続きは今も「終わらない」

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Added by: JustIronic

iroasenai kotoba ga aru to boku wa ima demo shinjiteru

nagareru kumo to tomo ni neiro ga asu wo hakobu

tesaguri de mitsuketa mono wa boku ni ima mo nezuiteru

kunou no edasaki de ai no mi wo musubu tame ni

tooku hanareteitemo sora wa hitotsu de miageru tabi ni kimi wo «omoidasu»
sabishii toki wa itsumo omoi egaite boku mo kanarazu kimi wo «omoukara»

te wo nobaseba todokisou na kotae made wa ato sukoshi

okubyou na kimi wa hoho wo urasukedo oboeteite

tooku hanareteite mo kokoro wa hitotsu de utsumuiteiru kimi ni
nemurenai yoru naraba utatte ageru kara mitasarenai omoi wo «uchiakete»
taisetsu na mono wa sugu soba ni aru kara yume no tsuzuki wa ima mo «owaranai»

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Added by: Evhw

Even now, I believe those words will never fade.

The tone color resounding along with the flowing clouds will bring about a new morning.

Even now, the things I found fumbling are deeply ingrained in me.

I'm standing on the tip of the branch of suffering to bear the fruit of love.

Even though we are far apart from each other, every time I look up in the sky I "remember“ you.
The lonely hours always recall it, because I ceaselessly "think of" you.

As I stretch out my hand, the answer seems to be within reach. Just a little more.

I remember you, so fearful, even if it makes tears stream down my cheeks.

Even though we are far apart from each other, all my heart is dedicated to you hanging your head.
If you couldn’t sleep at night, I would sing for you and "let my feelings show“, even though they couldn't be fulfilled.
The things that are dear to me will always be right by my side. And so this dream "won't end".


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