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    trinitym 6yr ago


    I'm doing okay, I've been put on OxyContin, and it does seem to be working, so that's good.

    I've finished Witcher 3, 180 odd hours! My longest play time for any game! I've also completed Okage: Shadow King, it's an old PS2 game but it's been released on the PSN, so I got it on the PS4. It was very quirky but I really liked it. I'm currently playing Indigo Prophecy, another game I picked up on the PSN, weird but I'm enjoying it.

    Not sure what I'll play afterwards, I got Final Fantasy XV, but I don't think I'll play it just yet. Thinking I may play The Wolf Among Us, I picked it up cheap. As always, I'm undecided!

    How are you getting on?

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