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    Japanimenya 4yr ago

    Hi. I know it's been 3 months now, but I've been so busy. I got a job, and I've done a lot of overtime xD I bought a house and now I have to make that money back. I hope you are doing well :) Now I really lost track of what we were talking about O_O

    Haha, it looked like we were speaking in an alien language xDDD

    Yeah, all people think about is money :P Oh, I know you can get in ;) I can totally see you getting along with your patients :D

    Haha. Yet, we are still reproducing xD

    I think I was just...

    lol, that's what makes them nerds xD Oh, that's too bad :|

    Oh, you got me xDDD I knew it was a pun... I think :P Haha, they weren't listening to the lyrics :P

    Yep :3

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