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    Oh my gosh!! haha well I mean college isnt for everyone. I kinda dont want to go back but I do want to finish with something you know? Idk about my bachelors though... 

    Hmm well thats what I was thinking.. I'll keep going and see how it goes. Bc how its going to be its like a different story line per member and some members were going to have two parts but one might be three parts.. so I'm like "am I writing too much..?   " its like in the middle going to the end of the story. I counted the pages and its like 15 pages done.. 

    I was actually going to look at your stories I'm co-authored for.. to go and edit.. I was bored one day haha. I havent been to called to work yet so I'm trying to keep myself busy or just rest when I can. 

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