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    CloudStrifey 7yr ago

    Thank you, too! Aye, I feel ya. Crowds can be overwhelming. Woaahhhh!! Congratulations to her! Are you invited to the wedding? I agree, 21 is young to be married. You're at the brink of adulthood. I think its better to explore the world and your life before you settle down. 

    It's all good :) Yes, you're right. Massive amounts of assignments but hey! It could be worse.

    That's right. The whole affair was just ridiculous. YOOOO "EVERYTHING YOU WANTED". I've heard snippets and omg the photo releases. Why Jay why. Man, i wanna find me a man like Jay. Just. Ugh. Dude! Have you listened to Far East Movement's 'Freal Luv'? It was funny bc I was listening to it then the rapper came on and I was like 'aye this korean rapper is good'. And it turned out be Chanyeol!! Its really good that k-music is getting publicity. And Far East Movement are really popular internationally, so this is really good for different artists! Are you excited? Are there any other comebacks and releases that you're excited for?? I'm really excited for a Topp Dogg and BASTARZ comeback, oh my heart!

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