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    CloudStrifey 7yr ago

    I bet its good to be home, huh! Aye, exam papers.. Gurl, you'll smash through 'em! You can do it!! That's really good! Have you caught up with many of your friends?? Woah, is she really in Athens??? That's so amazing. My ancient history class is (still) learning about Athens and Sparta, so I'm really amazed by that! Things have been okay with me. Had a rough time over my holidays because my brother-in-law passed away and it was just a sad affair with everything. But luckily I'm back at school, distracted by the amount of school work ^^

    Gurl, right?? In the end, they apologised at the offence. I still feel as though they apologised because so many international fans were harassing them about the subject matter. Korean fans didn't seem too hung up on it. And so many people dropped them. Which is unfair because there are a lot of other musicians that have taboo subject matters in their songs but people turn a blind eye. Dude, you're so right. His album released was hyped up so much and then it flopped because of little things. Man, I wouldn't be able to handle it either. But he's got his ROCKBOTTOM crew taking care of him, I think that is a good thing. Also, I think some of the Topp Dogg members (I bias them so hard rn omg) received backlash because of their support for Kidoh. How insane is that? Its just so unfortunate. gosh. 

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