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    IzuTaka 6yr ago   Edited

    I honestly don't like this new setup.. It's nice that JPA staff made a whole new design which was to simplify the site and fix ongoing bugs but I feel that everything is out of order. It just looks like Facebook now, everything is clumped together (which in my opinion is worse because navigating is much harder and annoying). Due to the lists (Forums, Wall, Main Page, etc) being straight in the middle, everything else has to be smashed to the sides which makes it small. It's such a basic setup, a few things are now limited, for example, our profile picture is now a certain size because it's now a small circle that is barely seen. JPopAsia is all text (which is huge, I'd like to add) and such little pictures. 

    I'm not unappreciative to the staff for all their hard work, but I feel that it could have been better, but I have no say. I know that this new design had good intentions but I feel that JPopAsia just got degraded to a bland site compared to the old design. I'm really missing the old design much more as days pass.

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