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    Tailgunner 4yr ago

    Yeah it takes skill :3 and the complete lack of fear XD I would love doing it with a dog, it always looks so epic :3 Yesterday I raced with our one dog- that already was epic :D 

    It is :3 I always look at the art styles when I play, since I'm an artist XD Yeah, I'm not sure what types he does since he mostly programs on-site :3 I completely agree with that :P In my opinion it's a lot more admirable to create your own style than moulding your style around what's popular :P That's why I love music to be unique and different :3 There is XD

    Yeah you get them in orange and black :3 But there are lots of different morphs :D I would like to show you, but with him being nocturnal it's difficult to have a photoshoot XD Haha I know :P I can see it as well XD

    Haha that's exactly what I'm doing XD Oh yeah, I haven't looked into any of them yet. Though I'm not a fan of pop :P But I'm keeping my Babymetal card XD Okay, cool :3

    Good :3 Although that's probably the only thing left to get up and running? :D I love the new colour scheme btw :3

    Mine looks like this: (He's called Ruki btw XD) 

    The black ones look really cool :3

    And these look like dragons :D

    These are the morphs :3

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    weebllikespie 4yr ago

    Now that would be epic. I could easily see it happen in a Naruto episode (think Akamaru and Kiba doing ninja parkour together). I'd love to see someone pull that off in front of my eyes   

    Hahah that makes complete sense to me! Video games is equal parts gaming and art :3 Man, if I could learn how to program robots someday, that would be so awesome x3 It really appeals to my nerdy side XD Lol the thing is, if something becomes popular then it will lose value as people will start taking it for granted. So it's always great to be original with art because originality is what makes it so great in the first place   We think alike, my friend. I always love music that sounds unique   

    Well I just took a look at the pictures you posted and it really does look funky and vivid   If Ruki was a gecko, he would look like that. I'm pretty sure he has dyed his hair every possible color there is XD 

    LOL I know~ I gather you like metal from the forums games. I do too   But yeah, I have a BABYMETAL card as well~ two in fact XD 

    Well there's also the chatroom which we hope should be available soon :3 And same! Blue is my favorite color after all   

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    Tailgunner 4yr ago

    Yeah :D There probably are places where you can watch it live XD

    Yep, without cool art the game isn't complete :3 It would :D Though after playing SOMA I don't feel so good about robots XD Yeah, that is true >.< I also hate it to make the same work twice; it feels like I'm a factory >.< And what I would like about an artwork is the fact that it's the only one of its kind :3 Hahaha :3 especially the vocalist, I love when they have a voice that kind of takes you by surprise XD 

    They are so... different XD I think it's because I've never been that interested in reptiles as pets so it seems alien XD Haha I would believe that XD 

    Yep :3 I saw you like a variety of genres XD All my favorites are metal :3 Hahaha I'd like a Maximum the Hormone one, but I haven't seen one yet XD 

    Oh cool, how does that work? :D Hahaha I like the dark colours :P But red is my favorite :3 

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