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    Lunatic 7yr ago

    Of course I would remember you. We used to chat a lot back then. Mostly about anime if I remember correctly :/

    It´s nice to hear that you´re now done with your studies. What are your plans now then? Hehehe... well sleeping is good for you. Well... not if you sleep too much. Or too little. Depends on how you look at that :D

    (Here´s a song I´ve been listening a lot lately. Hope you like it)

    Nah... you don´t need to apologize or anything. Studies are more important than Jpopasia. So I think you made the right choice to take a little break from here and focus on your studies since that can help you further in your career ^_^

    For me? Not much to be honest. Other than that I finished studies and I´m now working :) 

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