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    weebllikespie 4yr ago   Edited

    You know I really wanted a LiSA card when I'm willing to pay over twice the market price for it... so whoever put it on sale I hope you enjoy my jpops   

    That almost completes the 'Anime' set: I have Aimer, Nagi Yanagi, Aoi Eir, fripSide, Maon Kurosaki, Eri Kitamura, Girls Dead Monster, ClariS and now LiSA. Awesome! I still have Kalafina to go. And ofc, they'd always sell the card at ridiculous prices... -_-

    Edit #1: What on Bionis happened with my jpops??? I went from 7k to 14k in a split second... not complaining though.

    Edit #2: I keep getting crummy rolls and when I want a small roll for a change I keep getting big ones and missing all the cards     Never have I felt such a strong desire to cuss... I really, really am trying my best not to cuss right now. For the sake of JPA.

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