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    Tailgunner 4yr ago

    Haha if I fall deeply in love I would want to do that anyway XD It is! I would love being able to do that :D Yeah >.<

    Yeah XD It always feels nice to understand what most see as gibberish :P That's epic :D I would love being able to make games XD Ahhh that one! XD I don't see it as that offensive though XD 

    Haha kind of :P Well, if you shed your entire body every two weeks I imagine you wouldn't be too happy either XD Haha he doesn't really have teeth so it's pretty pointless :P When he bit me the first time I was like "HE'S ACTUALLY- oh... it doesn't even hurt." XD

    Haha with my extraordinarily late reply it really defeats the purpose nicely XD Anyway, sorry for replying so late >.< but I've been doing a lot of other work for my mom and also for my art teacher, so I've been quite busy >.< But, I've quite missed talking to you, so I'd like it if you would add me on Kik (or any other messenger app, just let me know and I'll get it) yogscat

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