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    leighLa 4yr ago   Edited


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    weebllikespie 4yr ago

    Sooo... should I reply on my wall or on your wall? That is the question XD

    Yeah, I can feel it... he really needed a break. Not to mention he also runs GoKpop as well... pretty much since this site was created back in '06, he's still the only one who did all the web changes. I figure if I could learn about it, I could take the reins whenever Toesan needs a break. The problem is that I've also got a lot on my plate as well :/

    I get what you mean~ there are certain days where I prefer to have some quality 'me' time and not talk to anybody. And moving involves a little too much sacrifice for my liking :/

    There are so many Christian artists that I haven't heard in a while now as I grew up with a lot of them and I struggle to keep up. I still listen to Switchfoot, Kutless, Fireflight, MercyMe and Anberlin at times. RED did release Of Beauty and Rage early last year and I thought that was a solid album, since I was a little disappointed in Release The Panic. About Skillet... their latest release really disappointed me. I get that they changed their sound slightly between every release but all of a sudden they became electronic :/ Compared to their Awake days, they were nowhere near as good. Of course, this might be an example of the 'Golden Age' fallacy.

    I watching the video as I type, and I'm liking it. I'd like to see how ProtonJon reacts to these custom made levels as he plays through them (to the uninitiated, he used to play through a lot of ROM hacks and custom made levels given to him by his fans and his reactions are just funny to watch)

    LOL you do that! I'm guessing he's your bias now? XD

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