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    RockfanMK 7yr ago

    Oh wow that is a very long drive.   Social media and mobile phones do make keeping in touch with friends and relatives much easier. Having family and friends scattered around the country, FB is our family's usual means of keeping in contact.   

    Lol in a way yes, it is a good thing. Depending on what you drink that is. There have been studies of the benefits to cardiovascular and mental health that are pretty interesting.   

       Wow that's a lot of rules to follow. I thought "werde" means "will" as in "going to in the future"... Maybe I should invest in a German dictionary...     

    Oh yea it would definitely be a darker pink.   

    I think they were the only two bands I really liked in Danger Crews lineup.    Super bummed.

    Ouch, that must have hurt a bit.   

    I am, lol my family is big into horror movies. I think I have all available versions of The Grudge/Ju-On. Lol Mao is cute in that pic.

    The way all the fans know how the prop choreography goes is pretty fascinating. Lol I think I've only seen Mahiro sit down during Utsusemi when the audience sings.

    Lol it doesn't fit but it would be interesting.

    I'm really looking forward to the new MV, mostly the multi angle MVs.     Now that you mention it, they did do a 180 with the colors! I didn't notice!    

    Yes I believe whether they are old or new, they're still VK. I don't think the genre style is going to "be dead" anytime soon.   

    Lol VK is definitely the winner of the two, but I have to admit there are a few Kpop songs that actually have decent vocals and a catchy beat.

    I'm still trying to figure things out on the new format.   

    Lol but it's fun! I don't think I have much brain space left for practical things lately. Brain overload, it isn't fun.  

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