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    Nuimee 7yr ago

    Haha its no Problem ´cause I like reading^^ Thank you!

    Mine lives with my parents thats just to far away (like...400km? not sure) T_T
    Well, living alone has some qualities too and thanks to modern age I have no problem keeping contact :D

    Hmm...in german, drinking is often used to refere to alcohol...like, "ich trinke heute" literally means "I drink today" (sentence seems weird but I don´t want to make it correct just to prove my point) but what the person actually plans to is to get drunk...
    So, drinking more is a good thing? :p

    Haha Gintama is always out of context :D
    "liebe" means "love" thats right. But I think it should be "Ich werde geliebt" instead...german grammar is like english plus french plus japanese, when you add all rules of these language you get the amount of rules german has :o

    Haha imagine Arlequin in pink costumes :p But if we take a dark kind of pink, maybe it could work too.

    I think so...T_T I can´t compete with him T_T

    I feel sorry for Danger Crue...loosing two bands in a year...

    I didn´t, but I didn´t score well either...

    I´m not a big horror movie fan, I´ll watch the ones everyone says are good...
    Mao is just to cute <3
    I hope they release it, noone spoke of recordings yet T_T

    I just love how Kiryu is playing with them, its something you couldn´t do in germany at all. Like when he asks "Mou ii kai?" and freaking Budokan answers! Or how the entire audience knows exactly what to do with the fans/towels!
    He never had one^^ I think thats pretty much unique to Mahiro. Mao sits down during concerts :o 

    Try to imagine them dancing like that... :D Doesn´t fit the tone at all! :o

    I liked Hyakkiyakou more though. But Kiryu is always a threat so who knoews? Maybe I´ll love the MV so much that it pushes this look at the top.
    I think blond/light brown sweets them. DId you realize that they´ve taken a 180° turn? S.I.V.A was black and blue and the new single is white and red :D

    I don´t think we should forget about them and their influence. Just that we should judge the current generation by fair standarts and not with a block in our mind saying that VK is dead when its really not.
    I´ve never been sure what they meant by that :o

    Me neither.

    VK > Kpop so much is clear but I never expected to enjoy it at all :D 

    Well they´ll fix most of whats wrong now, like we´ll get our friendlist back and the forums.

    Haha true, I still wonder what the stylist thought...the cop though...thats Aki...
    I can tell them apart :o Like, when I see a dark picture I know who is on it...
    Waaaaaaaaaa so much brain space taken by useless stuff^^

    New bands are pretty cool this year!

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