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    uhuighmio 3yr ago

    Some of my favorite songs by band part 1:

    Unlucky Morpheus: 

    Top of the M, Salome, Kago no Tori, Black Pentagram, Knight of Sword, Kizasi, Cadaver, Unfinished (the song, not the album), Unending Sorceress, Takiyasyahime, Phantom Blood, La Voix Du Sang (love this one), Opfer, Revadac, Angreifer, Near the End, Change of Generation (the song), Carry on Singing to the Sky, Negai no Hakobune, Make Your Choice, Spartan Army (instrumental, but excellently done), Kyobou no Koibito (2018 ver.), Dogura Magura, Get Revenge on the Tyrant, Gradient, Kuroganeou, and Toware no Bakura

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