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    AgentOfKarma 2yr ago

    The site is DEAD, there are no active moderators, and the owner hasn't logged on in 10 months ( https://www.jpopasia.com/u/JpopAsia/ ) to update anything, nor has he/she posted anything on twitter or facebook since February 25th 2020.

    The charts are over 1 year out of date, you can't create new topics or add videos, none of the methods of contact work...

    The only things that still work are posting to people's walls, replying to already existing topics,  & the advertising banners.

    And as if that's not bad enough, the site registration is anonymous and an IP trace lists the owner's location as being an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (which likely means he/she was stealing internet access)!

    ANOTHER sign that this site is DEAD is the proliferation of bot accounts signing up - such as "Svetlixq", "Svetlrjp", "Svetlanafxi", "tr.loukou", "Ruslanfpf", "_xSakurax_", and "CoinBitscalk" among many others. 90% of new signups are bots, which ONLY happens to sites that no longer have any moderation.

    THAT is why many longtime members have abandoned JPA, and no longer bother even logging on!

    By October it will likely go completely offline (like what happened with www.veehd.com )

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    cornalito 2yr ago

    The only thing it really works for is adding lyrics. Apart of that, it is going to rot, rot, rot

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