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NEWS Members Keiichiro Koyama & Shigeaki Kato Caught Coercing Underage Women To Drink Alcohol  

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    Huntress 5yr ago

    Regardless of whether the headline is deceptive or not. It's still a problem that these two men tried to force 2 women and pressure them into drinking. Despite both women being underage at the time the recording was made which Johnny and Associates didn't even try to deny, but tried to brush it under the rug by stating that one of the women in the recording is currently 20 despite this recording being sometime before this woman was of the legal drinking age in Japan (notice how there's no other mention of the other women, who undoubtedly and speculatively not of age at this very time.)

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    swoon21 5yr ago

    I believe the wording is important, it gives the reader an opinion before (or if) they even read the article. I don't think "force" applies here, more like "encourage". The official statement says the girl lied about her age so nobody knew she was underage,  Moreover, they only gave one small sample where only Koyama's voice is heard and put the full recording behind a paywall so it's hard to judge the situation. Well, Koyama has already publicly apologized and was punished for this so I hope that ends the matter.  

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