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    koco 4yr ago

    I know I know..but good days are very rare u know. It hardly feels like a good day for me mostly. Not bad days either just very mediocre and very pale. But I'm enjoying by myself cuz it's very nice and I'm used to it mostly lol

    Ohhh apartment hunting gotta be really fun. Ya it must be hard finding that right place but still..a big move to live on your own haha gosh I feel like you've become a very independent fierce and strong person all on your own. Proud of you dude :D

    Nice. Following dreams is important..since dreams are what drive us. Don't give up. Whichever way is hard is the right way lol I've learned that haha

    I'll give it a listen when I'm home..I'm currently outside. Don't have a headset and can't play out music loudly lol it's very silent here haha

    Lol noooo

    Didn't watch that. The last anime I watched I watched in 2016 or something..lol ive kinda lost all interest in anime to be honest. It's not that interesting to me. Also most I mean kind of all new animes feel the same. They lack originality and creativity as I see it. Doono..but..just my point of view hehe

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