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    Lunatic 4yr ago

    I hope so too. From what I´ve learned there´ll be an eventual balancing between good and bad day but... I´ll rather just enjoy the good days as they come by. Thou... I do need to start looking for an apartment. As you know I live with my stepdad for time being but however he told me that once he´s finished with the work here (meaning in Southern Finland) he´ll be moving to where he was born (to western part of Finland). I enjoy living in south so... I need to look for an apartment of my own. Or move in with a roommate. Either one works really. Maybe then I could also go for a one dream of mine. Which is to start streaming etc. 

    Music wise my taste is... quite wide to be honest. I´m open to anything but lately I´ve been listening to this song as a powering up song or whenever I feel like I need a confidence boost this is the song for it. You don´t need to listen to it if you don´t want to :D 

    And no I haven´t really watched any anime whatsoever lately... I think the last anime I watched was Kiznaiver. Have you watched it? 

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