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    Lunatic 4yr ago

    As you probably noticed I wasn´t on during the time you were here. Hope your exams went well and I hope you are doing well as well. 

    Ah loneliness... my old friend. Now a days I´m quite happy to say that I haven´t felt lonely for a while now. Thanks to my hobbies... I´ve gained a lot of new friends. But I can see why rain and gloomy environment would remind you of it... cause it sometimes reminds me about it as well. But here is a song for you to listen: 

    No problem. Just let me know if the link doesn´t work and I´ll shoot you a new one. You can find me there with my old JPA nick Temezy. And don´t be shy to talk there. People in there are very friendly and I´m sure you´ll enjoy your time in there. 

    Hmm.. tomorrow (wednesday) I probably won´t be here but on Thursday I could be coming in here... around 10:00 AM (or bit after that since I need my morning coffee) 

    Random question time: What is the latest song you´ve listened to? 

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