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    Lunatic 4yr ago

    First of all apologies for taking so long to answer again. I was visiting my mother yesterday and didn´t really have a chance to be on computer. It was nice to see her after a while (as I don´t live with her anymore but with a roommate.) 

    Just little fortunately. Feeling better all the time. Good enough for me to go out and enjoy the weather. It´s been over 20+ here for over a week now which is quite nice actually (tells you really that the summer is coming) 

    Here is the link I was talking you about: https://discord.gg/Ftj8uP

    I will be here tomorrow. I have no plans for tomorrow and could be able to chat for a good while in here during the morning and the day. Today... I have soccer game to go to. It starts at 9:15 PM but our team we´ll be leaving there around 7:30 PM to have good time to stretch and go through the tactics and all. 

    Hope to catch with you soon thou. 

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