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    Lunatic 4yr ago

    Eventually we can probably schedule our times so we could be here at the same time. Shame really that this site doesn´t have chat in here (I would use that a lot hence it would be a convenient way to connect with people in here) 

    Well... almost. Still have a little bit of cough but it´s not as bad as it used to be. But making good progress towards the full recovery. 

    I agree. I mean it´s not bad that it´s so... official hence it can help a lot of people that way BUT the community feeling... just isn´t there for me. I´m just hoping they will make some kind of changes in the future to change that. But however I´ve been getting the community feeling from the Discord chat I mentioned to you earlier. People there are nice and friendly. I can send you a link to the chat if you ever want to join there? And trust me no one will make you stay there if you don´t want to or don´t like it. 

    Hope to catch you soon as well. I try my best to come here daily but not every can I still make it. It´ll probably change during June thou. But I´ll keep you informed about it. 

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