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    celid 4yr ago   Edited

    You are insane.   
    Are you sure that how it goes in reality and that it's not a dream of yours?
    Or maybe I'll count it as your workout's paying off. (¬´ŻĄ¬) You should mention it to your cute coach next time you see her.

    Yes! Plenty of those small stuff slowly piling up on each other. And I'm just using them as a cushion to sleep on. 

    I would get worried about your schedule, but I'll entrust you to your grandma and coach.
    Well, take care all the same.   

    ((Also, I tried to add a dearsuplex gif for you here, but it insisted I put it at the top. So I won't add it.))

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    celid 4yr ago

    Here is an option.

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