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    NecroNaruto 6yr ago

    Man, the summer is almost over and I didn't do anything...How's your summer so far? Mine's? Well, it could've gone better...I've been getting more annoyed lately in the discord server I'm in...I felt like I was being ignored by the people I talked to in there to the point that I made my own server called Lord Kingdom of Kai with a small group of people in it...at least I was able to write a poem (of which I didn't enjoy writing one bit...) also, my sister is staying at my mom's place for awhile to get a job down here and get enough money to move back to North Carolina. Oh yeah, I'm planning on moving to Colorado next year...I hope lol I told my mom and she was like aww, I hope you write postcards and I promised I would :D anyway, how are you doing? Anything exciting happen during your summer break? 

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