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    Lunatic 6yr ago

    Huh... we´ll see about... prey >.>

    Understandable. Work hard for your goals and always do your best out there. Becoming professional requires you to make sacrifices (now it being that you can´t be on computer as much... >.>) But it´ll pay off in the end.

    Don´t worry... you´re not the only one on that. I´ve been quite inconsistent in here as well after that break of mine... and after I managed to get job during summer I didn´t have much to be here last month. Right now I have two week vacation but... still don´t know what to do to be completely honest. I´ll keep the account here obliviously but how often I´ll be online depends quite lot on how much time I have during the day. And... if I feel like coming on here. 

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