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    HHHHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry.... So if this is an excuse to you, I apologize. My last 3 phones didn't always let me come in this site and I still dont have internet. Today was a lucky day! So this is what's up with me. My oldest child, my daughter, graduated last yr. She is in college just a couple hrs away. Her baby will be due September 30. Yes I'm gonna be a grandma! Mimi💖! And I'm so proud! Her and her nd have been together since they were 12 and she still here to graduate early. 1 1/2 early! 

    My oldest son graduated this yr and he will be in school 3 hrs away but still close to his sister. He and his friends also do videos and put them in YouTube. Funny stuff! Think he is everybody hates ty unless he's changed it. My middle daughter graduated 8th grade and will ne going to the ninth and is in band. My youngest daughter will be turning 12 in September along with me turning 40 on the same day, the 12th. My youngest son will be entering pre k. He is 5 but is so tall he could pass for 10. Lolz! 

    I'm finally over his dad and have moved on and habe someone really sweet. There's a bit of an age gap... And honestly, I sure didn't see it coming. So I decide why the hell not?! All the older ones have turned out to be poo...so....uh...yeah!! Here's a bit of bio on him. His name is Ritchie. He's and Aries. (I'm a virgo and that combo is not supposed to work, but somehow we just do) Also he's a psycho Mexican red neck smart assed lil shit. His words. Not mine. That's what he told me when we first met. He also included the N word but I think that the other said it all. (fyi...hes Mexican Indian white and black) He loves all types of music. He isn't the lovey dovey type but loves me and tells me often. Even if he sends/sings me a song. Basically I get my own private concert. But there's one difference abt him from all the rest. He protects me. His older brother was coming on to me. I refused and every one else was telling him to back off. When Ritchie got in his face abt it, his bro pushed him. That was all she wrote! It's more to it, but they don't speak anymore and the brother left town. So that's that!

    Well that's what's been happening so far. Oh! Jeffrey's dad, the one that nearly suicided me, wants to be back in my life. Just as friends. But I know better and know that the lil girl he left me for was fake from jump street. And he regrets disrespecting me and leaving me for her. But NJP!! NOT. JENNIFER'S. PROBLEM!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!! Well I hope I can come back here soon and talk some more. Ta ta for now😘!!!

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