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    Siennablue 5yr ago

    Yayyyy I was just about to leave from work when I saw your post . I still haven't seen pentagon yet but I'm home now so I'm going to now    I love beautiful and ilhoon from BTOB composed it so I love it even more . I adore BTOB . Oh my bias in pentagon . Gosh they're all younger than me except for Hui and jin ho. But damn I used to like hui a lot but after watching 365 fresh song I started disliking E'Dawn. I absolutely hate hyuna. She ruins every one with her overly sexy concepts . I can give more bad words but I am trying to refrain from calling names . Anyways I cannot like hui as much as I did before . My bias are Yuto, wooseok , Yeo one and shin won . I love these 4 the most hit almost all of them are love   

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