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    Siennablue 5yr ago

    Because of you I am going to put Lookout in my to watch list :P I am barely catching up to last weeks Suspicious partner and Fight my way :p Haven't even watched this weeks The best hit. Working is hard. I have seen angel eyes :p Too much crying. I get turned off from melodramas. I didnt watch missing 9 even if chanyeol was there. I know he wasn't the lead and I hate it when EXO Members get a few episodes and then die :/ Are you watching Lay's drama Operation love? He is the lead in that and he looks sooo cute. I haven't caught up to it but I'm definitely going to watch it completely. Father is strange looked so good and I love Lee Joon but its a long kdrama. I cannot imagine watching 50 or 60 episodes   iTS SO HARD TO FINISH 16 -20 episode ones . Whats my drama list? I haven't made one. but maybe I will check it out now. I watch all dramas from dramafire.com. 

    btw PENTAGON IS COMING BACK!!!! In fact they released it already but Im at work so I can't watch it yet but I'm so excited!!! Yayy   

    Thank you for the wishes. I hope I get to go to South Korea. That would be a dream come true. I hope you get to go and visit it too :D 

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