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    he just looks so angelic
    he was standing where Chizuru usually does, and Chizuru was in between the stage and the barrier giving high fives at the time of this photo
    the rest of the concert I was standing right against the barrier directly across from Minpha :)))
    had a great experience once again, was allowed to film and take pictures for once, and got to speak to them as well as give them gifts, which they gladly accepted. Minpha wrote "Thank you♡" on my poster after he signed it and he was just grinning away the entire time. As I was walking on to Atsuki for him to sign, Minpha was still waving, as no one was ready for him yet.
    I've never seen him grin that widely, and honestly it was a bit of a shock. He always seems so bored, but the look on his face when I told him I had a present for him was one of pure joy. The way he thought about each letter before writing it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. There are other experiences from this event, but this one with Minpha stood out the most to me since he's my absolute favorite haha

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