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    Siennablue 5yr ago

    OMG Its so much fun to talk to you I had forgotten how much we have to catch up on. Where should I start :P I know about lookout but not many of my friends are watching it so I didn't know whether its good or not. A lot of people are watching Circle though. I'm currently watching Suspicious Partner, Fight my way and The best Hit (Which I started in place of chicago typewriter because Chicago typewriter left a void in my heart   ) You will loveee Chicago typewriter its too good. I will definitely check out lookout. 

    Yang Yang Yesss I know him. I have watched Love 020. He was perfection :D Too perfect   I fell for him in that drama. 30 episodes and I didnt even skip a single scene. I did feel that his role was too aloof and stiff sometimes but I think it was all part of his character since he is soo cute and full of expressions in real life. 

    Hahahaah Kung Fu Yoga I went to watch at the Cinema just because I love Yixing and Jackie Chan. I bought tickets for my whole family just so they could go see it with me.  But if Im honest I didnt like the movie. The indians I didnt like, they were over acting in such a cringy way. If I didnt love Jackie and Yixing and even aarif lee so much I would have rated it zero   Sad because Indians ruined the movie. It had a very silly story too. But I'm still glad I got to see JC and Yixing together   

    The country I'm applying for is ..... South Korea   You know I'm an art major student. The thing is no country gives scholarships for arts subjects   So incodently the only full scholarship I found was from South Korea. Its hosted by Korea National University of Arts. I really really hope I get it plz. Fun fact is that many celebrities have studied here too such as Kim go eun (Lead actress of Goblin), BAP Himchan, Exo Suho, MBLAQ Lee Joon etc. Well I hope they accept me  but I'm trying not be over excited so I don't break down and cry if I don't get in.. ThAnk you So Much for the wishes     

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