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    Siennablue 5yr ago

    I'm sorry I have been away for so long!!! OMG so much has happened I watched soooooo many kdramas. I'm swooning over Ji Chan wook in suspicious partner to!! JCW WITH GLASSES WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!! WHY IS HE SO PERFECT. Have you watched Chicago Typewriter. I finished it last week and I'm still not over it. For years My top 5 kdramas have been the same but this drama it broke my ultimate fav list and climbed to the top. This is easily one of my most fav drama. Please please please watch it Ivana. Im glad your studies are going well. I'm currently applying for a scholarship for masters abroad. Wish me luck. I really hope I get it. Oh yesterday I found out about perfume a jpop girl group. I have never been able to love kpop girl groups but damn perfume clicked with me so fast I'm currently going crazy listening to them :D Yes I voted for BTS a couple of times. I don't get much time to tweet but Im so glad they won. Yayyy. Its a big deal :) I hope EXO wins Dafbama too. I would be so happy :) 

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