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    weebllikespie 7yr ago

    Haha~ that is an unnecessary catalyst to my pride XD

    Well yeah... this version is pretty much designed to fulfill what the previous version didn't. Naturally, a lot has to be changed. The old ones may not work anymore, but we can use new ones   Looking at my previous post, it's pretty much all gibberish XD

    It is a cool name~ don't think I know anyone with that name though x3 I've been through it all~ it's the best I could do ;) Oh yeah, I just wish I could throw them all into a dumpster and have them shipped away to a landfill   (Yeah, it is quite limited... I wished the moved one was still available... it was my fave). Ah, are you sure it's not some kind of nepotism?   And knowing the trials and tribulations that I have to go through just to get into medical school, chances are the admissions scheme back then was rather lenient. It troubles me because I can say that most of them are only in it for the money and not for the patients.   Well I hope so... I like to think I'm a people person to deal with patients   

    I respect your choice. I don't think there's enough room on this planet for more people XD 

    Too bad, even if you stole my brains your body would reject it. It's called 'transplant rejection'~ simple immunology   The mature response is to not comment on that   

    I think so! I can definitely see it~ two nerds in a room talking about games XD I haven't watched anime in a while now. Something called life is preventing me from doing so   

    Well she's not entirely hopeless if that's what you meant   But come on, do you think someone who mixes magic and swordplay would be good at love? XD It's a way of saying 'Screw you, Nintendo ain't for kids.'   

    I made a pun... you HAMMERED your point across about not being an alcoholic XDDD Yeah... even though the song really said 'Everybody was kung fu fighting!' xP

    'Course I think so~ seeing two people wanting to be together is very cute :3

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